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Franschhoek Pass Estate

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Franschhoek Pass Estate

Project Title: The Proposed Development of a Country Hotel with Associated Facilities and Services Infrastructure on a Portion of Farm No 1545, Paarl

Consultant: Adél Groenewald (

DEA&DP Reference Number: 16/3/3/1/B3/28/1068/20

Comment Period: Closed

Date of Decision: 27 August 2021

Click the "Download Complete Report" button to download the full report with all the appendices. Alternatively use the links below to download the individual documents.

Executive Summary

Final Basic Assessment Process

Appendix A: Maps

Appendix A1: Locality Maps

Appendix A4: Map of Surrounding Properties

Appendix A5: Contour Map

Appendix B: Site Plans

Appendix B1: Site development Plan(s)

Appendix B2: SDP and Environmental Sensitivities Overlay Map

Appendix C: Photographs

Appendix D: Biodiversity Overlay Map

Appendix E: Permit(s) / license(s) / exemption notice, agreements, comments from State Department/Organs of State and service letters from the Municipality

Appendix E1: Final comment/ROD from HWC

Appendix E2: Confirmation of all services

Appendix E3: Proof of submission of water use application

Appendix E4: Proof of agreement/TOR of the specialist studies conducted

Appendix E5: Comment from State Departments and Organs of State

Appendix F: Public participation information

Appendix F1: Public Participation Plan

Appendix F2: PPP Register (available on request)

Appendix F3: Proof of Written Notifications Sent (available on request)

Appendix F4: Advertisements and Proof

Appendix F5: Site Notices and Proof

Appendix F6: Comments Received from I&APs (available on request)

Appendix F7: Comments & Response Report

Appendix G: Specialist Reports

Appendix G1: Terrestrial Biodiversity Compliance Statement

Appendix G2(a): Freshwater Impact Assessment

Appendix G2(b): Freshwater Specialist Statement

Appendix G3(a): Heritage and Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix G3(b): Heritage and Visual Specialist Statement

Appendix G4(a): Agricultural Agro-Ecosystem Specialist Assessment

Appendix G4(b): Agricultural Agro-Ecosystem Specialist Statement

Appendix G5(a): Traffic Impact Assessment

Appendix G5(b): Traffic Specialist Statement

Appendix G6: Updated Civil Services Report

Appendix G7: Town Planning Report

Appendix G8: Updated Architectural Report and Design Guidelines

Appendix G9: Landscape Master Plan Guidelines

Appendix G10: Stormwater Management Plan

Appendix G11(a): Geohydrological Assessment

Appendix G11(b): Geohydrological Specialist Statement

Appendix G12: Water Quality Monitoring Plan

Appendix G13(a): Noise Impact Assessment

Appendix G13(b): Noise Specialist Statement

Appendix H: EMPr

Appendix I: Screening tool report

Appendix J: Impact and risk assessment

Appendix K: Need and desirability

Appendix L: Other information

Appendix L1: EAP’s Curriculum Vitae