Our team is driven by a strong work ethic and offers a fresh perspective through a comprehensive, integrated approach to environmental management. With extensive experience in the different sectors of environmental management we are able to support and guide our clients through comprehensive environmental impact assessment (EIA) processes to achieve sustainable development approvals.

Doug Jeffery (BSc Botany & Zoology, UCT; MSc Botany, UCT)


Doug is a Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) with the Environmental Assessment Practitioners Association of South Africa (EAPASA) as well as a Registered Professional Natural Scientist (Biological Scientist) with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP).

Doug has a good understanding of the workings of Non-Government Conservation Organisations (NGOs) and Government and their concerns regarding environmental issues.

Throughout his career, Doug has been involved in a significant number of Environmental Applications. He also worked as a professional botanist for some time. He has been responsible for assessing and auditing various project sites in the Western Cape and Africa. Doug has provided advice and assessments of agricultural, residential, mixed-use, industrial and services infrastructure developments and has a thorough understanding of the issues relating to environmental assessment and application of planning and management.

Adél Groenewald (BSc Geography, UFS)

Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Adél is a Registered EAP with EAPASA and has worked as an environmental consultant since 2013 and has diverse knowledge in EIAs and other environmental management services. Adél has undertaken EIAs for various agricultural, tourism, residential, mixed-use, industrial, renewable energy and services infrastructure developments in the Free State, Northern Cape and Western Cape Provinces.

Adél is systems and process focused and her strengths lie in her ability to work well under pressure while attending to clients’ requirements to identify solutions to their problems. She also has a good understanding in GIS mapping and project management suites that contributes to the variety of skills and abilities within our team.

Marais Geldenhuys (BA Geography and Development Studies, UJ; Honours Geography and Environmental Management, UJ; Master’s Environmental Management, UJ; Masters certificate in Social Impact Assessment and Public Participation, UJ).

Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Marais is a Registered EAP with EAPASA and has worked as an environmental consultant since 2015 and has diverse knowledge in EIAs and other environmental management services.. He has worked on projects throughout Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, North-West and the Western Cape.

Marais has worked predominantly with developments requiring authorisations in terms of the National Water Act, 1998. His expertise has ensured that process and applications are expedited timeously and efficiently.

Anwen Beukes (BSc Biodiversity and Ecology, SU; BSc Hons Biodiversity and Ecology, SU; Candidate MSc Environmental and Geographical Science, UCT)

Junior Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Anwen is a Candidate EAP with EAPASA and has worked as an environmental consultant since 2020 and has dealt with a diverse range of environmental areas and projects within the public and private sector. She is an assertive independent young woman who is determined to accomplish great things in life. Her ambitious nature, zeal for life and strong sense of public duty aligns with the company’s principals. Anwen has recently joined the DJEC team and facilitates Environmental Impact Assessments and undertakes some of the environmental monitoring on behalf of the company.

Tyron Momberg (BSc Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, UWC)

Environmental Control Officer and Auditor

Tyron Momberg has 10 years’ experience as an Environmental Control Officer and has worked on various projects ranging from Bungalows in Clifton to the Kusile Power Station in Mpumalanga. Tyron joined our team in January 2016 and is responsible for undertaking all environmental monitoring and compliance (ECO) and auditing projects on behalf of the company.

Tyron always focusses on “environmental best practices” when giving advice and making recommendations on construction sites. Being firm and to the point is a tool he uses to ensure contactors has enough information to work in an environmentally friendly manner.

Mzingisi Nyhodo (BSc Environmental Studies and BSc Honours (Geography), WSU).

Environmental Control Officer

Mzingisi Nyhodo is a Registered EAP with EAPASA and has worked as an environmental consultant and Environmental Control Officer (ECO) since 2019. He has vast experience in EIAs and monitoring compliance with Environmental Authorisations, Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) and other relevant documentation for construction projects.

Mzingisi recently joined our team and is responsible for undertaking environmental monitoring and compliance (ECO).

Michele de Raedt


Michele is an innovative and driven bookkeeper with many years of experience in the financial industry. She joined the company in 2011 and since then has enabled the company to do business effortlessly while securing client relationships. Michele’s knowledge and expertise strengthens our team’s ability to reach goals timeously and efficiently.